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Smoked barbecue meat products

Pork Preserved Meat | Barbecue | Money Meat

Pork preserved meat: Double fish preserved meat has undergone nearly 100 years of quality “roasting” inspection. It is made from fresh lean pork hind leg with unique traditional recipes and modern processing technology. The product is rich in protein, does not contain coloring and preservatives, and has a genuine flavor. , Chewing aftertaste long.

Dried meat products

Beef jerky series | Dried pork series | Fried pork series

Pisces dried meat products include beef jerky series, jerky pork series, and pork floss series. Beef nuggets is another big traditional product of Pisces food. It uses carefully selected premium yellow beef as the main ingredient and various flavors such as natural spices, and is carefully cooked to taste. It is characterized by maintaining the unique toughness of beef and the more chewy it becomes.

Intestinal meat products

Pork Enema System | Small Red Sausage | Five Eye Sausage | Crispy Sausage | Grilled Sausage

Pisces pork enema series products are well-known overseas as the company's main export products for 30 years. It combines western-style enema technology with Chinese-style meat products processing. Its grape-like texture is unique to Pisces pork enema. It can be sliced and sliced when eating, especially sliced platter, just like the copper coins that are always curved, decorated with cilantro and green onion, and dripped with a little sesame oil.

Marinated meat products

Sausages | bacon | bacon | meat | bacon | air-dried beef

Pisces marinated bacon products represented by Chinese sausages are of superior selection and sophisticated craftsmanship. Pisces Chinese sausage is a Cantonese sausage, which not only inherits the luster and exquisite shape of Cantonese sausages, but also incorporates local flavor characteristics It has strict meat ratio and heat control, and the aroma is tangy when it comes out of the pot; lean meat is not firewood, fat is not greasy, and the taste is mellow and strong.

Braised Meat Products

Marinated Beef Kernels | Marinated Vegetables

Spicy fish dishes are rich in varieties, unique in taste, sweet and salty, and suitable for both North and South. The double fish stewed dishes have excellent selection, unique formula, and more secret stewed old stewed; the product pays attention to the original taste. The color of stewed dishes is controlled by the heat, and the color is naturally clean. All products are easy to carry in vacuum packaging, easy to eat, and are popular among consumers.

Ham products

Sandwiches | Bacon

Pisces western-style ham product is a model combining traditional manufacturing and western-style meat products. It is refined through materials selection, marinating, tasting, cooking, cooling, packaging and other processes, making the product both tender and refreshing. The juice has the characteristics of Chinese meat products with dense meat and rich flavor.