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Jiangsu Shuangyu Food Co., Ltd. is a meat processing enterprise with an 80-year history, a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Jiangsu Province, and an agricultural science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It mainly produces smoked barbecued meat products represented by "Shuangyu" brand pork breast , Dried meat products, intestinal meat products, cured bacon products, braised meat products and aquatic products, ham meat products, six series of products, with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of various meat products. Shuangyu Brand Preserved Pork has won the National Gold Award twice, and has successively been awarded the Jiangsu Famous Brand Product since 1994; the "Shuangyu" trademark has been successively awarded the Jiangsu Famous Brand since 1992. In recent years, the rapid development of enterprises has been promoted through the focus on management, transfer mechanism, and expansion of operations. The main economic indicators have increased at an average rate of more than 30% each year. The output of preserved pork and pork enema exports rank among the top in the industry in the country. The company has won the honors of Top 100 Enterprises in Jingjiang City, Outstanding Leading Enterprises in Jiangsu Province, Outstanding Enterprises in the National Food Industry, Jingjiang City as the "Most Socially Responsible Unit", "Pracious Unit" and "Charity Star". Corporate image. In 2011, the company has successively invested nearly 100 million yuan to build new factories that have been put into operation. In 2013, it was renamed Jiangsu Shuangyu Food Co., Ltd. The company will use this as a new starting point, with first-class management, first-class equipment to create better business performance, and bigger and stronger Pisces brand.