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Pisces Legend

个人 One boat, two fishes, three people
The predecessor of Jiangsu Shuangyu Food Co., Ltd. is Sanyou Delicious Food Factory. According to legend, in the late 1920s, three Guangdong young people with flesh-making skills were full of enthusiasm. They formed Jinlan and arrived in Shanghai from Guangdong. A group of pork meat workshops have been set up in this largest city in China. In order to show that three people are working together, the workshop is named Sanyou Delicious Food Factory. However, because pork from Shanghai comes from other places, coupled with inconvenient transportation, high transportation costs, and often no production raw materials, Sanyou Delicious Food Factory was founded for several years, and its operating conditions are not good. The meager income of the three brothers is far from being able to support their families. In 1936, the three brothers decided to leave Shanghai and take a small wooden boat along the river to find a base for development.

The river was rushing with high winds, and small wooden boats wagging up and down the Yangtze River. Each step was very difficult, but this did not shake the determination of the three brothers to develop their cause. While the ship was moving, suddenly the sky was overcast with clouds, the wind was strong, and the waves were turbulent. Seeing that the small wooden boat was in danger of overturning, just as the three brothers prayed to God for protection, a pair of carps leaped from the bow and the three brothers suddenly felt At the moment, I saw this as an auspicious omen, and it was the direction of the sky, so I followed the direction of the carp and quickly anchored the boat to a small fishing port on the north side of the river. I asked if it was Luojiaqiao of Jingjiang. The three brothers thought that setting up a factory here was a god ’s arrangement and would bring good luck to themselves. So they set up the Sanyou Delicious Food Factory in this riverside town and designated the product as the "Double Fish" brand. Since then, the production and operation of Sanyou Delicious Food Factory has been booming, and the "double fish" pork preserved meat has also moved from Jingjiang to the big stage of Huaxia Foods. The history of Jingjiang's production of preserved meat has also begun ...