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Conditions for joining the Pisces franchise

Founded in 1936, Jiangsu Shuangyu Investment Co., Ltd. is a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Jiangsu Province. China's well-known trademark "Shuangyu" has been rated as a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province for 13 consecutive years. Pisces series products have more than 60 kinds of six series including dried meat products, enema products, western-style ham products, pickled products, marinade products, pet food, etc. Among them, Pisces brand pork products have won the "Gold Award" "It has been recognized as a Jiangsu Famous Brand for fifteen years in a row. In 2002, it was verified by the place of origin and belongs to Jiangsu's traditional famous products. In order to protect consumers' rights and prevent the sale of counterfeit Pisces products, the company plans to set up Pisces Foods franchise stores.

Basic requirements for joining

1. Three certificates: business license, health permit, tax registration certificate.

2. Agree with the corporate culture of Pisces and have a good business reputation and a high sense of responsibility.

3. Possess legal business premises (property certificate or house lease agreement) for opening franchise stores.

4. Possess certain management and market competition, organizational marketing and planning capabilities.

5. Have a strong sense of service.

6. Have certain start-up funds (equipment funds, opening funds for opening commodities, security deposits, etc.).

7. The franchisees must operate and manage their own stores in accordance with the specifications of Shuangyu Food Co., Ltd.

8. The style of the front door and interior decoration of the franchise store is consistent with the company headquarters.

Joining process

Franchise registration
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